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Y2K Graphic Design

Glitter, iridescence, chunky font styles, and 3D shapes were a big part of the 2000s aesthetic. You can see it in the visual language of tween magazines, on pop star Olivia Rogrigo’s website, or in this brand design for Vietnamese streetwear company BOO.

Y2K colors are high-saturated and bold, with an emphasis on pastels and bubblegum pinks. You can use them to create a high-energy feel in your designs or to give an image a blurred, liquify filter effect.


Y2K was a time of newness, excitement and exploration. It was also an era when 3D graphics were more widely accessible and advanced than ever. This made it easy to create a look that was futuristic and shiny.

Bright, candy colors were a big part of this aesthetic, especially pinks, purples and blues. Often, these hues were a bit clashing and had an iridescent quality that embodied the feeling of psychedelic youth and energy.

Other design elements that were popular during this time included gradient hues, chunky typography styles and 3D shapes. With Kittl’s existing library of effects and fonts, incorporating these elements into your designs is easier than ever!


Incorporate Y2K colors into your home to give it a futuristic feel. Bright pinks and purples evoke excitement and creativity, while neon blues reflect the technological optimism of the turn of the millennium. Light shades of green are also popular in Y2K design, and they can be used for accent walls or throw blankets.

Y2K fonts can be bubbly or angular, and they often use airbrushing and free-flowing type alignment to create a unique look. Many of these fonts have borders, which add to the psychedelic and iridescent feel of this aesthetic.

Iridescence was huge in Y2K design, and it’s making a comeback today. You can see this style in music video graphics, like Olivia Rodrigo’s, and in products, from holographic makeup to iridescent sneakers.


As the Y2K aesthetic surges through 2020, designers are exploring textures inspired by hardware design and teen couture. Shiny textures that recall the style of plastic (and Aqua playing on a stereo), fur, notebook paper, and other materials popular in this era can make great backgrounds for posters, banners, and more.

Pixelated effects are also often seen in y2k designs, whether as clashing duotones or blurred liquify-filter effects that resemble glitch animation. Adding negative effects can help you achieve a more Y2K feel, while still using fresh design principles for your website or digital content.

Bright candy colors are another recognizable Y2K graphic design element. Use tangerine orange, Barbie pink, lime green, saturated purples, and more in flat blocks for a bold look.


Incorporate the Y2K aesthetic into your designs to create bold graphics that are both retro and futuristic. This style has a lot of appeal for contemporary web designers, as it is inspired by early-digital DIY and the hopeful futurism that came with the turn of the millennium.

Curves are a key element of the Y2K aesthetic, reminiscent of the era’s popular cell phones and laptops. This style also references pop culture, with a nod to frosted tips and baggy JNCO jeans as well as music genres and subcultures like Third-wave ska, Nu-metal, and rave.

For colors, choose a mix of flat candy hues that don’t use black or white in their base. Tangerine orange, Barbie pink, lime green, baby blue, and saturated purples are all good choices for this style.

3D graphics

As the turn of the millennium approached, doomsayers predicted a computer glitch would collapse world infrastructures. This anxiety was a catalyst for a new era of hopeful futurism in art, music and design.

This trend has a strong tie to hip-hop style, which embraces bling and candy bright colors. It also echoes rave culture, with its iridescent shapes and psychedelic imagery.

3D graphics are a great way to incorporate this aesthetic into your designs. They can be used to create eye-catching backgrounds, especially if they have a chaotic or futuristic look. They can be found in video games like Ridge Racer, PaRappa the Rapper and Half Life, and even fashion and consumer goods like zip drives and Furbies.


Y2K design uses retro photos and bright pink colors to create a fun aesthetic that’s easy to integrate into your designs. Ori Tiroche’s website uses bubble letters and free-flowing type design to capture the style, while Fray Studio’s technology-themed video background adds an extra layer of nostalgia.

The 2000s saw a lot of bold fonts, from bubble writing to block text. These thick, chunky fonts can be used to give your designs a retro feel. The Y2K style also draws inspiration from early forms of social media and cyber culture, so you can use elements like message boards and chat rooms in your designs.

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